The Bears Lost. So? CBS Played Worst of All.

So I’m getting a lot of people who’re trying to justify a loss, get angry at the Colts, get angry at Rex Grossman, whatever. Hey, there there. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. And the Bears didn’t play the game very well at all. The Colts didn’t play too terribly well either. 6 turnovers in the first half… in a Super Bowl. Wow. Any football fan knows that losses are possible. It’s normal. It’s part of playing the game.
Now, for where my real gripes lay. I have three complaints that I’m going to bring up.
First, what the hell CBS?! What the hell? Is it really that hard to keep the rain off of the lens? Is it really that hard to keep the lenses clean? How could you possibly take the Super Bowl–undoubtedly the biggest television event in the United States–and screw up the direction and cinematography that bad? I just don’t understand was going on there. I hope the director and camera manager got fired with a foot-print on the back side.
Second, related to the first, what the hell CBS 2 Chicago?! How could you grab such a crappy feed? I counted no fewer than six feed freezes and audio blackouts. How could you provide such a disgusting feed for the Super Bowl to the city of one of the contenders in the game? How much were you charging for advertising spots? You’d think CBS could have had a quality feed. What the hell.
Lastly, who the hell signed Prince for the halftime show? Did he even play anything worth listening to? I didn’t see it. I saw the Stones play the Super Bowl half time last year. They didn’t do the greatest, but man it was an original show, and it was relevant to the Super Bowl. How did that happen? The show was dull, poorly done, and thanks to the poor cinematography we couldn’t even see much of the show clearly.
Could someone talk to the NFL about blacklisting CBS from running the Super Bowl again for another ten years? They did a piss-poor job and I walk away truly disappointed by how the game was brought to me.
Congratulations to the Indianapolis Colts, and despite the Super Bowl loss, congratulations to the Chicago Bears for an amazing season. It was an insanely fun season, and I enjoyed not having missed a game. I can’t wait for the 2007 season. Grossman needs to polish up a bit, and Lovie Smith needs a new contract. Lovie is really taking this game to the next level by adding respect.

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