Why I Will Never Buy an HP Laptop Again…

Man, I’m on a role complaining about HP lappies today. Check this picture out…
DRM Warning Labels: Good for More than Warning
Those are three Free Software Foundation DRM warning labels that are now protecting my laptop from static shock. It would seem that HP forgot to properly protect the sound card from static shock. Every time the tiniest little static shock goes into this metal chassis, the sound card locks up, requiring a full reboot. What a shame.

2 Replies to “Why I Will Never Buy an HP Laptop Again…”

  1. hey buddy, what’s the model of your laptop?
    Minde is a DV5000 and I got the reverse: every once in a while when I touch the metal plate in front of the speakers the laptop ZAPS me.
    sent it for service, they deny anything is wrong… I also have an issue with the shift and control key, tech claims they can’t find anything.

  2. I’ve got a dv8000. Cost a pretty penny, too. HP laptops are crap, they’ve lost all future business from me, with the possible exception of their printers and maybe their cameras. I’ll never buy an HP computer again.

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