Adept, Welcome to Your Installer (Part 1 of ?)

Just a word for those of you tuning in, this will be a multi-part post on Adept, what it is, who uses it, and how one uses it.
Yes, I’m talking about Adept. What’s Adept you ask? Well, check out the write-up on Adept on kde-apps.
Who uses Adept you ask? Well, the simple answer is that all the people who rock and love their mothers use adept. Well, maybe that’s a little unfair, perhaps I should expand. Just don’t forget to call your mother.
K Menu, with Add/Remove Programs highlighted.Adept is the installer program used by default on Kubuntu, a KDE-focused Ubuntu distribution. It interfaces with apt, and does so pretty damned well. So there are four major interfaces you may see from Adept. One is the installer. This is the one that you see on your K menu.
With the installer, you can intuitively locate and install programs. This interface provides you with very useful information about prospective packages that you may be looking to install. This interface lets you search, view by category, and even filter by desktop.
Adept Installer
Secondly, we have the Adept Manager. This interface gives you a comprehensive list of the packages in your selected repositories. You can and filter to your hearts content. There’s a lot going into adept for Feisty, I’ll tell you that right now. There are so many features of this interface, even I’m unaware of a great deal of them.
Adept Manager
Next up, the Adept Updater. This consists of not just the big interface you see below, but also the little system tray icon that lets you know when you have an update. All you do is click that icon, it refreshes from your sources, and then lets up upgrade–with full control–all packages available for update. And if it were time for an upgrade–like when Feisty is ready–it’ll give you a nice wizard to step you through the upgrade process.
Adept Updater
Last but certainly not least, the Adept Batch process. This little fella lets you programmatically fire off an adept install. With an interface so similar to the updater, I didn’t put a photo up for this one.
So, over the next few [INSERT TIMEFRAME HERE]s, I’ll be going more in-depth into what you can do with this amazing program. This is a program that is good to get acquainted with soon, and use well.

8 Replies to “Adept, Welcome to Your Installer (Part 1 of ?)”

  1. I think simple is better so compacting 3 in one with an easy extremely intuitive GUI for everyone and anyone even kids can do it that could one great achievement Ubuntu Linux can do with your help

  2. Each serves a separate purpose. The manager allows you to control all packages already installed on your system with considerable ease. The installer lets you seek out programs by a general idea of what they do. The updater serves to notify you when it’s time to do what it does.
    Adept is essentially the same program, it merely has the separate interfaces to make your life a little easier. The Add/Remove programs label really makes things simple for most people though.

  3. In the past I have worked on documenting Adept and have made it to the point where it is almost ready to be uploaded to KDE Docs. How different are the changes that mornfall has made that are upstream versus the changes that you have made?
    Will the changes you are are working be pushed upstream as well? I know mornfall has made some updates to Adept since Edgy came out from reading his blog.
    I think it would be silly to not push these upstream and have a totally separte version for Kubuntu.

  4. Well, I know that mornfall is working on a separate new version, but that is separate from Kubuntu. I don’t doubt that we’re going to include it, but I don’t believe that this new version is completed yet. It probably won’t make feature freeze. You may want to hit up mailing lists with these questions.

  5. Ahh, where is it? It’s uninstalled itself from my machine and it’s apt-get for me now. Feisty 4 is inimicable to adept it seems or have I just busted it?

  6. It seems like there was a known issue with adept being removed in feisty. Remember the notice for feisty: “Feisty is NOT stable, and not even close to usable”
    Be careful with development versions.

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