Adept, Welcome to Your Installer (Part 2 of ?)

Okay, as promised, here’s the second installment of the adept rundowns. Let’s do this in order. First I’ll do Installer, then I’ll do Manager, then Updater, and since Updater and Batch are essentially the same, I’m going to skip Batch. Also, remember that my bird-brain can only hold so much information at one time, so I may make some mistakes. If you notice a mistake and post a (polite) comment informing me of this mistake, I’ll do my best to correct myself. If you do find such a mistake, feel free to stop by my coop any time to receive your reward of one free cookie with purchase of $10 glass of milk. So, on to the low-down.
By the way, did you remember to call your mother?
K Menu, with Add/Remove Programs highlighted.Okay, so you all know that I am the ultimate Adept fanboy, and that’s not just because I’m knee deep in its code either. Oh no no no. It’s because Adept has some crazy-cool functionality. Let’s talk Adept Installer, shall we? If you missed the last post, you can look at this thumbnail to help you find it in the K menu.
Now, lately I’ve had a hankering for tea lately, so I’ve decided that we’re going to install KTeaTime. This program helps you know how long to steep your tea for just the right cup. I want to warn you though, according to the description here, it only works with KDE, so pick another package (perhaps another one having to do with tea?) if you don’t want to risk it. You can always uninstall it later 🙂
Adept Installer with KTeaTime selectedOkay, so let’s locate the package. I just navigate to the “Others” group, with the filter bar (in the toolbar) is only filtering for KDE programs. Then, scroll in the “Application (Others)” column until you see KTeaTime–this column is sorted alphabetically.
After reading the description–very important to read the description!–I check the checkbox just to the left of the gear icon (icons may vary depending on your theme) and notice that what was the disabled “Next” button lights up to an “Apply Changes” button. So let’s click the button.
Installer DownloadingYou’re going to see three screens, and I’ll go into a bit of depth on them. So, this screen is showing you that it’s checking your sources list. It does this for each operation you do. For this one package it should only show one of those. Continuing on…
Installer InstallingRighto, so now apt is preparing the database, downloading the file, installing the file, and updating the database. This is all very important stuff. If you click the “Show Details” button it’ll show you the output of the apt process in the background. If you were seeing weird errors, this window could help.
Installer CompleteYay! The installation is completed! Now you should be able to go and brew a cup of tea. Let’s check out the K menu…
KTeaTime in the menu
Yeah! Rock on! Sweet tea-steeping goodness is mine for the taking!
Now that you too can install sweet sweet Free Software programs using our beloved Adept Installer, post a comment telling us all what you’re installing!

10 Replies to “Adept, Welcome to Your Installer (Part 2 of ?)”

  1. No disrespect, but why is Adept still so ugly? I thought the usability team had a crack at it. The massive window filled with only a string or progress bar and all empty panel otherwise just screams hackery.

  2. We are working with it. Remember, this program isn’t really that old, and it hasn’t been worked on by a lot of people. There are definitely improvements going into adept for Feisty Fawn–I know because I put a few there–so please stay tuned. Adept is an insanely useful program. I encourage its use even before all of the usability issues have been addressed.

  3. Hey, since you’re an adept manager fan boy, I thought I might pick your brain. I have mistakenly hid the Toolbar and the Status bar in my Adept manager. Is there a config file that I can access somewhere that will get me those back?

  4. I’m a nube. I have installed Kubuntu 7.04 and so far I like it, but still can not wean myself from certain apps that require that other OS. Therefore I am trying to install WINE (more likely Whine). Adept shows it “greyed” out in the office group. I could not locate a Wine package in the cd download version of Kubuntu. I copied debian Wine “binaries” from an Ubuntu site, and have the compressed download sitting on a “thumb drive” sticking out of a USB port. Where do I have to copy the binaries/package for Adept to see them? What about other unrecognized packages, that don’t even have a “greyed out” icon?

  5. Very new to kubuntu/KDE, worked on linux(good amount on xfce on a sun client, some experience, long ago, on an old SUSE machine), but never with enough permissions to install my own programs.
    The liveCD adept tryout showed many more programs, many of which I needed, than when I installed Kubuntu on my hard disk. Now Adept shows very few programs, and of the ones it does show, they are mostly grayed out.
    I assume I need to install/download packages, but don’t know how. When I go to the KDE site the install instructions just say to use adept(worst instructions ever!)

  6. i have a problem with my adept installer
    when i first got kde 4.0 i was not plugged into the internet. so i got the bright idea to change the source of things and tell my installer to install something from a home made CD-RW. well as we know somethings just don’t work out and this didn’t, now when ever i try to open my adept-installer/ manager/ add remove program. i get an error message saying that something is wrong with my atp database. then it suggests that i type in terminal “apt-setup” or “atp-get update” to solve the problem. when i try to do that it gives me a string saying to the effect of /media/cdrom0/media/cdrom0/ source place yadda yadda. i can’t remember exactly what it says (right now i am on my friends computer as so anyone can email me as to a good solution.) if all else fails. I’ll just wipe everything on the computer and start from scratch. (i gotta stop messing with things i guess)
    please help if possible.

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