Beaucoup de Stallman en les Langues Etranges!

Okay, so if you like Stallman, and you like… foreign languages… this is the post for you. YouTube and manchicken proudly present, beaucoup de Stallman en les langues etrages!
(no, I don’t speak french, but like many arrogant people I pretend like I do; if you’d like to translate in the comments, please feel free)

I love YouTube. I encourage you to learn now to rip flash into AVI for tthe purposes of using Free Software with your YouTube. Someone should write a KIO slave for that (hint hint).
I’ll be announcing a Free software bounty here soon. If you’re interested, pay attention to my next post for specs and amount!!!

5 Replies to “Beaucoup de Stallman en les Langues Etranges!”

  1. So the traduction :
    Stallman nous parle en langues étrangères !
    I think it’s a good traduction, because i’m french ;). Nice links thank !

  2. Richard Stallman, 6 septembre 2006, Ecole des Mines de Paris — is about :
    Рthe expression intellectual property (propri̩t̩ intellectuelle) which is not adequate according to RMS
    – free software/free as in free speach (logiciels libres)
    – and that’s all : the sequence is truncated
    we see that RMS is comfortable with french, he even plays on words!
    antistress, France

  3. Yeah. This is certainly along the way, now we just need to go the rest of the way.
    I’m well aware that there are several pieces to this puzzle. I’m just not content to settle for a collection of tools that I have to use in sequence in order to convert these files. I want something that is simple to use and will enable users who aren’t very skilled to still view YouTube using all Free software.

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