Bounty Offered: GPL2+'ed Streamlined fla2avi

manchicken announces a Free software bounty!
Price: I can currently put up $20 for this. If anybody is interested in helping fund this bounty, please contact me at manchicken (at)
Synopsis: This is a bounty for a program that will convert videos from YouTube and other popular flash video sites to a non-encrypted video codec with a Free software implementation. Check the specifications below for more information.

  • The program must integrate seemlessly with at least one major GUI web browser distributed with a Free software license (preferably Konqueror or Firefox/IceWeasel)
  • The program must be turned in licensed under the GPL version 2 or later (the or later is required)
  • The program must come with a stand-alone executable as well as the browser integration, so that further integration may be possible
  • The program must depend on absolutely no proprietary software
  • From inside the browser, the integration layer must provide an intuitive interface that will convert a selected flash object into an AVI or other non-encrypted video with a Free software codec that is legal to install in the United States
  • The program must be compatible with flash version 7 or higer (higher is better) without requiring any proprietary software
  • The program must be reasonably stable, as determined by all representatives of all funding parties
  • The program must be programmed in a language with that has GPLv2+ compatible runtimes and build environments
  • The program would hopefully function on multiple Free software operating systems, but must function on a GNU operating system running a Linux kernel
  • The stand-alone program must take two arguments: the URL and the output file

A Free software license in this specification refers to a software license recognized as a Free license by the Free Software Foundation. You may find this list by clicking here.
Terms of Acceptance:

  • The program must be subjected to no fewer than 2 review processes where all interested funding parties are present or represented
  • The program must be subjected to at least one comprehensive code review where all interested funding parties are present or represented
  • The program must be documented to the satisfaction of the funding parties
  • There is no expiration date for this bounty, but the bounty must be claimed within 60 days of the initial release of the program.
  • This bounty does expire when a program implementing more than half of the functional specifications has been released for 60 days
  • This bounty shall be paid in United States Dollars, and the recipient is liable taxes, etc.

To claim this bounty, email manchicken (at)

3 Replies to “Bounty Offered: GPL2+'ed Streamlined fla2avi”

  1. While it’s not eligible for the bounty (as it’s LGPL licenced), I’ve written something that does half of what you want.
    OggConvert* (in combination with the Feisty version of GStreamer and the right plugins) can convert FLV files to either Ogg Theora or Dirac. When used in combination with one of the many GreaseMonkey scripts available that can save the .flv file from a YouTube page, it’s a reasonable solution.
    It’s available at

  2. You could make a program that meets the spec and the licensing requirements that merely depends on your LGPL’ed module. ^_^
    As long as the stand-alone and the browser integration piece are both GPLv2 and later it’s perfectly eligible.
    Thanks for reminding me to expand on the stand-alone call interface.

  3. hay $20!!
    ya know it almost seems more reasonable to offer to take the guy out to dinner.
    but yeah, I’d love to see that program too.
    *runs off to attempt to write it*

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