Adept, Welcome to Your Installer (5 of ?)

Okay, so I know I’m late. Sorry ’bout that. My wife gave me this new game and with that and work and hacking and cool videos that I’ve been blogging I’ve neglected you. I’m a naughty chicken. Can you ever forgive me? Aww, thanks, you’re a sweetie. Let me make it up to you. How? Well, let’s start by talking about Adept Updater!
adept notifier iconOkay, so have you ever seen this icon before? This is the adept notifier, and it will tell you when you’ve got things to update! How insanely cool is that? I think it’s pretty darn cool, and I think you do too… even if you won’t admit it out loud. Why don’t you click it and see what happens? You know you want to….
kdesu adept_updaterSo, once you’ve clicked it you’ll see the ‘kdesu adept_updater’ kdesu window pop up. Go ahead and type your user password in there and hit enter to get the main dialog to show up. This is how KDE allows you, a normal user, to execute programs intended to be run by root. Since adept_updater actually installs programs, it needs root access.
Welcome to Adept UpdaterSo now you get this lovely window that pops up. If you click the “Fetch List of Updates” button, you’ll see an interface that is pretty familiar. First you’ll see adept_updater fetch updates from your sources.list, and then it’ll present you with a list of updates with the needed activities for the upgrade to take place. This doesn’t just show you new versions of programs, but it also includes any new dependencies, and allows you to manage conflicts. From here you can do everything to the packages displayed in adept_manager, even uninstall and purge.
Well, that’s it. That’s adept_updater. Don’t believe me? Try using it. It’ll work.
I’ll now open this to questions. If you have any questions about adept, I’ll answer them in comments, or if they warrant their own post, I’ll make a new post for them. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this series. I’m going to continue talking about programs that I like, and if you want me to do other topics, let me know. I’m always open to ideas. Nighty night.

6 Replies to “Adept, Welcome to Your Installer (5 of ?)”

  1. hi,
    is it possible to do all of that automatically. I need it to be automatic for my mother’s computer to make as simple as possible.

  2. I like very much this tool, but I use it only for consulting and not for instaling.
    1 question: is it possible to include some exceptions for the updates…
    for exemple, not check for kernel updates? and let this for manual checking in adept?
    thanks emiliodobrasil

  3. The last time I used adept_updater, I nearly ruined my installation. The problem was, that some updates could not be fetched. adept_updater installed the downloaded files anyway and on reboot there was no X-server and a bunch of dependencies were missing. And that was but a few weeks after I really started with Linux.
    So if this feature has not yet been added, please make adept_updater display a dialog, like Synaptic, that some files could not be downloaded and the user has to choose to install anyway or to cancel (with cancel being the default choice).
    And thanks for your answer to my comment on adept_manager. The problem is, that adept_installer (just like gnome-app-install) isn’t powerful enough for me. So it’s either adept_manager, Synaptic or S.M.A.R.T. (doesn’t work well yet) for me.
    Thanks once again for this series. Now that the changes to adept are implemented in Feisty, I’ll definitely play around with these apps for a while, again.

  4. Wow, a lot more comments than I expected… I’ll answer them in order with names…
    jeff: You really don’t want adept_updater to update automatically. Some updates need to be reviewed before installing. This is just the nature of things. Most of the time, however, it’s pretty simple to do.
    emiliodobrasil: I’d like to see something like this, too. Perhaps version locking as well.
    Arpad Gered: That doesn’t really seem all too relevant to my post or the series of posts. If you need to report a bug you probably should. Using non-standard installers like smart may hose your install. Synaptic is a decent installer, but I really encourage you to keep trying with adept and keep posting bugs as they come up. I haven’t noticed any of the problems you’re describing.
    Ivan Teran: I’m sorry, I’m not entirely certain I understand what you’re talking about. It sounds like you’re looking for changelogs. Changelogs will be implemented shortly as soon as things stop crashing ^_^
    Thanks for the positive feedbacks folks. I appreciate the questions.

  5. Hi ManChicken,
    Thanks for your series on the Adept Manager. I am at a loss as to why there is no documentation for it when I click on help. And the stuff I find online is very basic and sketchy. If you know of any detailed documentation, I would love to hear about it. One question I have right now is what does the “Full Upgrade” button do? It seems like I only see it intermittently. Does it upgrade Adept Manager? Does it apply all updates? Does it upgrade to the next version of Kubuntu?
    Thanks for any help/insight you can provide.
    Jim Hamilton

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