Where's manchicken?!

So, I imagine that some of you are thinking, “hey, where’s that manchicken guy?  Did he get bored with blogging?  What gives?” while others are thinking “yay!  That manchicken jerk shut his trap!  It’s about time.”
 Well, to the former I say no, I didn’t lose interest, I’m merely on holiday downstate visiting family in celebration of some birthdays (there are 5 birthdays in my family this month of February).  To the later, I say sorry; you’re not that lucky?  I’m not leaving you alone, I’m going to keep bothering you once I get back home.
 A little foreshadowing though, I’ll have some big news later this week, so stay tuned kiddies.  Anyway, I’m updating my father-in-law’s computer, so I’ll bother you more later.  Good night all you happy people.

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