Expect Windows Genuine Advantage to Suck More Soon.

So I just read an article about how Steve Ballmer and Microsoft are blaming lacking Vista sales on people who are sharing and selling copies they’ve made. As someone who’s seen Vista in action, I think it may have more to do with Vista being a poor product, and the licensing of Vista being so restrictive and cost prohibitive instead. Microsoft likes to blame everything on “pirates” who they insist are stealing something that is truly impossible to steal.
So what’s their solution? Why it’s obvious: make the software enforce rules that Microsoft wants enforced at the expense of user functionality and usability. The only way for Microsoft to enforce their ridiculously restrictive licensing is for them to stick programs into their operating system that monitor user activity and restrict them from accessing certain functionality if these software programs–prooven to be quite buggy in XP SP2–determine that the copy of Windows running is not “Genuine.” This is, of course, Microsoft writing software that meets Microsoft’s needs, and ignores the user’s needs.
Your privacy and your system performance mean nothing to Microsoft if they cannot also restrict you to using the software for only what they want you to do with it, and they’re not afraid to make it known. They call it the “Windows Genuine Advantage” and claim that copies of Windows that Microsoft did not directly profit from can result in systems that are more buggy and virus-prone. I’m sorry Microsoft, but one copy of Windows is just as vulnerable as the next. If you can protect one copy you can protect them all… but I haven’t seen one that you really could protect.
I suggest you read the article and decide for yourself.
Check out this article from theinquirer.net

2 Replies to “Expect Windows Genuine Advantage to Suck More Soon.”

  1. But its impossible to make a pirate copy of Vista! Isn’t that what they said?
    Uhm… i think i smell a contradiction here 😛

  2. Well, I’ve had to repair several Vista machines since the launch, because of common, everyday programs like Firefox causing the BSoD, and all but one of the Vista users I’ve met has eagerly switched to Kubuntu, and the one that didn’t on the uptake took his machine back to get one that was more compatible with Kubuntu…
    Needless to say, I see a rise in Ubuntu’s popularity because of Vista. Heck, even my AP History teacher was asking about Ubuntu not long ago, and we’re talking about a non-technical user…
    Just my $0.02,

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