Re: OEM Vendors to Bundle Free Software?!

WOW! No sooner then I posted my last article than I saw this video.
So evidently Oracle, the world’s most popular and most expensive proprietary DBMS, is considered a partner in the “road away from proprietaryville.” Wow. I had no I idea that Oracle was Free Software. I think this video really goes to show that Dell’s support for non-proprietary solutions is half-hearted and that they’re only willing to go half way. Because evidently when you use the Linux kernel in something, you’re now no longer proprietary?
I am very disappointed to see the perpetuation of this incorrect marketing. Oh well. At least I’m going back to work for a company that will let me work with my beloved PostgreSQL again.
For those wondering “who is Dell trying to target with this advertisement?” boy do I have a treat for you. I suggest that they’re trying to go for the same target market as Microsoft was when they released this advertisement (click here) several years ago for Windows 386. (props to toothrot from #chiglug for this question)

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