Fun With Browser Statistics…

I don’t know if you all pay attention to these statistics like I do, but it’s a lot of fun. As of the last time awstats ran on my web host, I had the following statistics:
OS Stats:

OS Total Users Percentage
Linux 633 54.1%
Windows 463 39.6%
Macintosh 53 4.5%
Unknown 15 1.2%
Sun Solaris 4 0.3%
FreeBSD 1 0%

Browser stats:

Browsers Hits Percent
Firefox 726 62.1%
Konqueror 166 14.2%
MS Internet Explorer 157 13.4%
Mozilla 59 5%
Opera 24 2%
Safari 22 1.8%
Unknown 8 0.6%
Camino 5 0.4%
MultiZilla 1 0%
Netscape 1 0%

This tells me a few things:

  1. There are a lot of super-cool free software folks who seem to at least be interested enough to look at my blog once. Groovy.
  2. There are a lot of non-free software users who are looking at my blog as well. I encourage those of you viewing with non-free software and operating systems to consider trying a Free Software operating system and browser. If you don’t know how to do this, please ask.
  3. Damn, Firefox is popular.
  4. My favorite browser of all time (Konqueror) is getting some serious play-time. Excellent.
  5. Where’s the BSD love? We could all use a little more BSD.

These are all fun statistics. My blog–being syndicated mostly on free software planets–seems to be more used by to the Free Software community (not an accident). These statistics are in now what characteristic of others, say, Google, but they’re fun none-the-less. If you want, post your blog URL and your stats in a comment (please don’t abuse this invitation). Lets have some fun with extremely flawwed statistics!
And later on, when I realize how stupid this post really is, remind me not to post at 0242 next time you see me on IRC at that time. Nighty night.

12 Replies to “Fun With Browser Statistics…”

  1. Aren’t you missing those of us who get your blog via a Planet? I have no evidence one way or the other, but I suspect in my own case that’s most of them.

  2. I believe these statistics are filtering out RSS hits. Seems kinda weird. Some of these stats programs seem to have some rather large gaping holes in them.

  3. Not to fear, my other computers run Ubuntu. This one sadly windows due to being my work computer, so that explains one of those windows counts.
    Long live Firefox. 🙂

  4. “I encourage those of you viewing with non-free software and operating systems to consider trying a Free Software operating system and browser”
    You can’t go by statistics alone. I read the Ubuntu Planet feed every day on my Windows machine at home and my Linux machine at work 😉
    Just because I use Windows doesn’t mean I’m not an open source fan.

  5. textureglitch: I’m not an open source fan. I’m a Free Software advocate. I don’t want people to give me source code, I want people to give me freedom.

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