Microsoft GPL's Vista!

In a shocking turn of events, Microsoft has decided to release its new operating system as Free Software under the GNU General Public License!
When asked for comments, CEO Steve Ballmer merely shouted “free hackers, free hackers, free hackers, free hackers,” and finished up with his trademark squeal. There is a remix of the famous “developers, developers, developers, developers” song from YouTube already in the works.
When MIT headquarters for the Free Software Foundation were sought for comment there were nothing but tears of joy as the battle is finally over.

(Yep. It’s not very good, but April fools anyway.)

8 Replies to “Microsoft GPL's Vista!”

  1. Would be a sure way to drive many important (and brave) FOSS programmers insane. In a my-eyes-the-goggles-do-nothing way. Better not give MS ideas 😉

  2. The battle would in no way be over. There’s at least one other, just as evil, closed source-DRM-vendor lock in-company to deal with.

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