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Well boys and girls, you’re used to me complaining about people and companies and things that I think are bogus or wrong etc. but hold onto your seats, because I’m about to say something nice and neat about someone!, you are being called out! How dare you sit there in your little website and offer me the coolest music by independent artists with licensing terms that I like? What audacity you have by allowing me to download as many of them as I want! I can’t believe the how beautiful of a thing this is.
I have been a quiet admirer of for some time, but now I’m just so excited about it that I just can’t keep my peace any longer. provides you with music in MP3 format, and allows you to search by keyword, genre, and even license type. There’s a lot of CC-licensed music out there that is simply outstanding. All of it is DRM-free, and there’s more than anybody could possibly keep track of. New stuff is coming out all the time!
In addition to more content, I would like to see flac or ogg files available, and I’d also like to see an option to hide all restrictively copyrighted music.
Please, everybody, join me in patting on the back for helping to bring us to a new age in music distribution.

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  1. is ok, but you are missing the most crucial cc-liscenced music repository out there. Its called Jamendo. They have over 20,000 songs that you can freely download, remix and spread around. They actually use torrents to distribute the albums.
    There are two ways to use Jamendo.
    #1 Go to their website
    #2 Launch rhythmbox on ubuntu-feisty (or enable backports on ubuntu-edgy), enable the jamendo plugin and browse all the music in rhytmbox box. Click the big download button if you like something. You can download high-quality OGG files and reasonable quality MP3 files.
    Exactly what the doctor ordered if you ask me.

  2. You should also be excited about Jamendo, also a service that offers DRM-free CC-licensed music in OGG or MP3 format via BitTorrent.
    Jamendo is being integrated into the Rhythmbox that is included in Ubuntu 7.04, so that will be exciting.
    Edited per commenter request

  3. Thanks for the kind words on ๐Ÿ™‚
    For those who are fans of Jamendo, yes I agree – great site indeed.
    >>In addition to more content,
    Yes – more music is always nice. I believe I’ll need to work on some type of cross promotions with other sites or companies to help pick up the pace. Word of mouth works well, but we all need a little buzz to get things really rolling.
    >>I would like to see flac or ogg files available,
    After I’m able to scale the site, I could offer this. Right now I’m a team of one with no budget who works a part time job, so updates such as this can be difficult to pull off. I’m currently evaluating Amazon’s S3 solution for storing/serving the files, which seems very affordable.
    >>>Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขd also like to see an option to hide all restrictively copyrighted music
    I do allow you to browse by license, while that doesn’t do exactly what you are asking for, it does filter out the music with copyrights.
    Again – thanks for the kind words about the site. ๐Ÿ™‚
    – Gideon / Admin

  4. Gideon Marken: Wow! I didn’t expect to see you comment here ๐Ÿ™‚ How exciting!
    This is all good stuff. If you’re participating in any Free Software projects for this (RoR or Python, etc) or are interested in enlisting any free software community support, I’m sure there are plenty of Free Hackers out there who would be stoked to help out.
    I’d also contact the folks at DefectiveByDesign to try and get some press. I think ArtistServer is moving things in a direction that goes pro-music, not pro-profiteering. I like that. I think FSF and DefectiveByDesign do too.

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