DRM-Fascists Just Don't Learn…

Wow. So, Sony, you think that DRM stops people from sharing content, eh? Is that so? I search the torrents (I just searched, didn’t download, so you can heel your blood-thirsty attorneys) for two of the films mentioned in this article (Casino Royal and Rocky Balboa). Casino Royal came up with more than 62 active downloads from various–undoubtedly anonymous untrackable–sources, and Rocky Balboa came up with more than 277 various–also undoubtedly anonymous untrackable–sources.
Why would I mention this? Because DRM isn’t working. You can still share this content without any restriction. Those who want to download the content are going to do so regardless of restriction. Hell, a third of those download sources are probably in countries where they thumb their noses at our overbearing copyright laws. So why then, Sony, do you insist on making the lives of ordinary folks harder because of your paranoia that is obviously not paying off? DRM is a cat and mouse game, and until you can get the consumer market on board with DRM–not gonna happen–and convince the to buy new devices every six months, DRM will always be countered rather quickly. All you’re doing is screwing things up for the rest of us.
For those of you who didn’t read the article before, click here to read it.

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