A Very Cranky manchicken Heads to Spain

Wow, so in order to make the flight seem shorter through the magic of sleep, I’m only on three hours of sleep right now as I write this. I’m really tired, really bored, and sitting in a regional airport in Champaign, IL waiting for my flight to leave around noon. It’s raining a little, so I’m a little nervous about flight cancellations. I really don’t feel like having to fight weather.
By the way, while I love Willard Airport because they’re not crowded, comfortable, and smooth to get through, the University of Illinois has crappy wifi in the airport. I’d rather pay $2-4 for unlimited access rather than having to forward ports because UIUC blocks them.
Anyway, I make no promises, but I’m going to try to report a little bit from UDS-Sevilla with photos. This should be fun!

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