Baby Pictures!!!!!

Well kiddos, here’s proof that I will soon have a kiddo! My lovely wife had an ultrasound yesterday, and these are some of the images we got.
I’m sure it’s quite obvious how proud I am of my family, but just in case you couldn’t tell, I am quite proud of my family. There, now that we’ve cleared that up, onto the photos!
There are four photos, and all of them are surprisingly more clear than I though they would be. All very exciting. Here they are.
Baby photo W6Baby photo W7Baby photo W12Baby photo W13
So there you have it… proof that I have now pissed in the proverbial gene pool.
But really, I’m quite excited, and I know you all are too.

4 Replies to “Baby Pictures!!!!!”

  1. AWESOME, Mike & Dacia! Congrats! I love seeing those ultrasound pix; the miracle of new life is astounding.
    The fun is just beginning! =)

  2. Congrats.
    My only advice. SLEEP NOW!
    It gets better after the first couple of months if you are lucky (we were), but those first couple of weeks are tough.

  3. No beak, no feathers…baby must take after your wife!
    Lovely lovely photos, and fantastic about the baby. If you need any advice we have FOUR under 10, and are good at that.

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