Happy GPLv3 Day!

So I don’t know about you folks, but I’m stoked about GPLv3. I’m very excited that we’ve gotten to a new point where we’ve taken new steps to protect user freedom.
My only question to the FSF is where is my new version of GNU Emacs? We’ve been waiting for a new, more modern version of GNU Emacs–particularly with respect to the GUI–for a very long time now. It also would need better support for web development languages and the more recent version control systems. I’m hopeful that with GPLv3 we get a new copy of Emacs… preferably with Qt bindings… but more likely with GTK bindings… and I’m okay with that.

7 Replies to “Happy GPLv3 Day!”

  1. Alexandre: If you could please put together a Gutsy package that’d be great. Also, does your package conflict with any other installed Emacs package under Ubuntu?

  2. Hooray for GPL3!
    Re Emacs: I do not see anything particularly interesting about Emacs 22. I’m using 21 to write this comment, and it works just fine. Nothing revolutionary about 22. Does anyone here disagree?

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