In Eager Anticipation of KDE4…

So many of you know that KDE4 Beta1 came out and is in Gutsy repos right now, as we speak. It’s phenomenal that it we’re already to this point. I’m tickled to death at the prospect of new versions of Kopete, Konqueror, Amarok, Kate, and so much more. I’ve even looked at the new Kate and the new Kopete, and even a bit into the new version of Konqueror. I’m seriously impressed.
Even plasma looks promising, despite its current instability. Many programs seem to crash upon closing, and I’m sure folks are hard at work trying to make things work well. I’m just putting this message out hoping that it encourages those who are working, and letting them know that their work is appreciated.
I also appreciate Richard Johnson and John Riddell’s (and anybody I missed, sorry) efforts in packaging KDE4 betas so that we could look at them more conveniently. KDE4 is going to knock our collective socks off.

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