Happy Software Freedom Day! Celebrate With Me!

Happy Software Freedom Day all you happy people! Today I’m having a no-cost community computer workshop here in Mahomet at the Villa Caffe (off of IL150), and anybody who can join me is encouraged to do so! We’ll have free stickers, we’ll have fliers talking about software freedom, and we’ll have community members to help folks with their computers.
We’ll be answering questions, solving problems, and growing community. So if you’re in the area, come grab a cup and join in the festivities!

Celebrate Software Freedom with Ubuntu Illinois in Mahomet!

Howdy! We’re going to be having a no-cost community workshop in Mahomet, IL to celebrate Software Freedom Day. There will be a table set up with Kubuntu, Ubuntu, and Edubuntu CDs, there will be free stickers–courtesy of System76–and there will be folks on hand to answer questions and help folks with their computers.
In the spirit of freedom and sharing, we will be offering to help folks–as much as we can–with any computer problem on any software platform. We’ll also have some local computer technicians on site to share in the festivities. I hope that all who can join us do.
When: Saturday the 15th of September from 1200 until 1700 US-Central time
Where: Villa Caffe, right off of IL-150 near Mahomet (from I-74, go south to get to IL-150 and take a right to go West on IL-150)
I hope to see you there!