Caller Tunes Defeat Automated Dialers!

So, I’ve had this collection agency calling me trying to get someone who doesn’t live here. They’ve been calling me on my mobile phone, and when I told them that they had the wrong number, they kept on calling. I even called their corporate office and they wanted all my personal information before they’d take me off of their list (e.g. my social security number, date of birth, name, address, employer, etc). Not gonna happen. That information doesn’t get given out to cold-calling collection agencies who have the wrong number.
So, as you know I recently switched to tmobile, and they have this nifty feature called “Caller Tunes”. For $1.49/mo you can get a song played to your callers instead of a ring tone. That’s kinda neat, I’m using the Super Mario theme. So shortly after that happened, I noticed that all of the calls from this collection agency were dropping before anybody came to the line.
At first I just thought that this was some error with just this collection agency, but recently an insurance agency has been trying to call me to sell me insurance. Sure enough their automated dailer was put off by this as well. All of these predictive dialers seem to be failing because of caller tunes. I suspect that this is because the automated dialers are trying to figure out when the ringing stops and when the answering machine begins. They don’t want to spend a real person’s time leaving voice-mail messages when they could just have a recording doing it. So, just like fudging text to beat a swear filter, this throws off predictive dialers because the pattern they were expecting never appeared.
It’s hilarious, and if you have a problem with predictive dialers and your phone carrier has this service, I highly recommend you try it out. It works for me.

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  1. This is very cool (wonder if I could do the same for my home phone). Though with my rampant text messaging last month, I have to wait before I add another service to my cell plan – I racked up over $80 in over-texts last month (ouch). And of course, nothing I said via text was of any consequence…sigh…

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