USA Wake Cowards and Racists Spreading Lies

So, have you been to yet? This site is disgusting, racist, and vile. These cowards put up fear-mongering half-truths for the general public and then turn around to use it as justification for reducing civil liberties and permitting racial profiling. Their supporters came on my blog on November 28th and called me a “communist” for saying that I like diversity. A communist? Really? Ron Paul people said that, too.
According to Wikipedia (article here), Communism is “an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization based on common ownership of the means of production.” Wow, that sounds much different than what I’m talking about. Doesn’t sound all that horrible, but it certainly isn’t what I’m talking about here at all. Good call Ron Paul fascists and USA Wake Up morons, Communism is it?
If you have actually taken the time to watch the ignorant flash video where they put up all sorts of “evidence” and “expert” statements, all the while failing miserably to cite any of it. Their immigration chart has some sort of sourcing on it, but the image is pretty low-res and I can’t read it. Interesting. Their assertion that “terrorists” could take out our power grids like that just sounds like science fiction to me, but what do I know? I’m a communist, remember?
Now, in this video there are several things that they put out as “good” things. Things like racial profiling, the USA Patriot Act, and absolute American economic domination. Then there are things that they put out there as bad things. Things like immigration, religious and ethnic diversity, and campus groups that help folks exercise their religious belief and freedom. It seems to me that these folks are declaring freedom just as much an enemy as terrorism. I don’t know about you, but none of the measures they’re supporting sound like they are in any way in support of freedom.
So why am I writing this post? Afterall, it has been a while since I’ve blogged here. You all probably thought I was dead or something. No, I’m not dead. We’re just super busy getting ready for this baby to come. That’s why I’m kinda worried about cowards and racists like USA Wake I’m scared that they’re going to destroy freedom. I’m worried that one day, if my son decides to get a great tan, or marries an Arabic or Hispanic lady, or converts to Islam–not my way, but I am pro-freedom so this is something that he should be allowed to do if he so chooses–that him or his family would be treated like second-class citizens. You know, like the way these pricks over at USA Wake are treating Muslims and Hispanics right now.
These guys make me sick, they don’t substantiate how any of this is a real threat. So what if the ethnic climate of our country shifts? So what if whiter skin becomes the minority in favor of another skin color? I don’t care, race isn’t important enough to me for me to be worried about that. I welcome Muslims and Hispanics with open arms. I’m not stupid enough to equate what a hand-full of people do with what an entire ethnicity is doing.
Who’s the real threat to this country? It’s not Mexico and it’s not Muslims, it is USA Wake I’m sure God is proud of how these people are treating their fellow human beings. Real proud.

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  1. Wow, Wow, Wow. Slow down there manchicken. Pulling out definitions? Facts? What is wrong with you! These people don’t need your fancy pants “facts”. It is easier to be racist, paranoid and just plain stupid if you make up definitions and facts as you go along.

  2. Among the floods of panicked, unsubstantiated, racist and quite unwittingly antifreedom emails I get, the worst has just happened! Why even try.?? I am so discouraged. I received the url
    from a well meaning, well fixed and truly compassionate Christian cousin in the southeast US.
    This stuff is obviously being purposely funded by the conservative arms of the republican party and the racist ultracon psuedochristian religious cults. It is very attractive to folks not learned enough to recognize propaganda, but who have access to computer communications…

  3. I completely agree with you! My grandmother just sent me a video from that site asking me to reconsider voting for Senator Obama.
    It’s so important that rational Americans stand up against that type of racist fearmongering. Thanks for writing against that hateful site!

  4. I feel sorry for your grandmother. If she could just see past the fearful rhetoric that the GOP is throwing out then she might be able to see that Barack Obama actually cares about helping people like her: older folks, many who live on fixed incomes, many with serious health conditions some requiring long-term management… Barack Obama is the only candidate right now who I think properly addresses many of those issues, and hopefully he’ll be able to help move some of that forward once elected.
    It’s a shame that so many people believe these lies that are just so easy to dispel with just the most basic of research.

  5. The higher the education the more compassionate and truthfully “pro life” the voter and the more likely the person is to be a Democrat. Everyone learns this in political science in college. When one is taught about duty to greed, bloodshed and hate from infancy, with little or no education…they don’t have a fighting chance to honestly “love thy neighbor” of any race and to “turn the other cheek.”

  6. My sister who will not read or watch the world news or do any unbiased research like 99% of the Republicans I know, sent me this video which I found mentally retarded in in a false religious-Jim Jones-Caucasian gutter kind of way!

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