Jamendo.com Gets a Face-Lift, Kicks More Ass…

So, for those of you who are getting tired of my political posts, enjoy this one.  As 2008 approaches my political commentary is sure to only increase.
Do you use Jamendo.com?  If you don’t, you probably should take a peek over there really quick.  Here’s a link, check it out.  I’ll wait.
Back?  Great, let’s continue.
Jamendo.com, from what I understand, has tasked themselves with giving artists a freedom-loving audience, and giving listeners a freedom-loving collection.  Creative Commons licensing is mandatory, according to their FAQ, for all uploaded content.  This gives listeners unparalleled freedom to discover, listen, and share music.  Their new website is even more geared towards helping users discover new artists.   It seems to use pattern-recognition to suggest other artists that you might like by noticing patterns in who you like and who else likes who you like.
What’s more, for those who like to point out that artists deserve financial support, well Jamendo.com has cracked that nut as well!  There are two programs that Jamendo.com has to help artists, they’ll allow you to collect donations with only a $0.50 processing fee, and then there’s a revenue sharing program that you can be part of.  They split up 50% of their ad revenue with the artists who opt into their Revenue Sharing program.  They say that they’ve got more programs to come in the future.
I don’t know about you all, but in an age of DRM, $20 albums, RIAA lawsuits, and “artists” who live lavish lifestyles on the backs of their fans  while putting out more trash than culture, I think Jamendo.com offers a very nice alternative for those of us who love music but hate the nonsense that seems to be coming along with it.  Now we can all find great music by a variety of artists, we can share the music all we like, and we never have to worry about the highly unethical extortionist tactics of the RIAA.
Perhaps this can also help media and content-based industries realize that this sales-based model just isn’t working, and extorting consumers isn’t going to make it work any better.  This looks like a better business model to me, and I highly recommend this site to all.  Here’s a short list of the bands I’m digging from Jamendo.com (sorry to those who I’ve forgotten), please make sure that you list your favorites here, too.
In no particular order:

  • TreeMouth
  • Hype
  • Try^d
  • Alternitro
  • Saelynh
  • Saint-Jean

Let’s do our best to help recognize this site for its culturally significant contributions, and its commitment to freedom and sharing.
Also, much thanks to any and all media player developers who have integrated or are currently integrating Jamendo.com and other freedom-loving content providers into their players.

5 Replies to “Jamendo.com Gets a Face-Lift, Kicks More Ass…”

  1. Without digging through my hard drive to see which bands from Jamendo I actually listen to, there are two that spring instantly to mind:
    Binary Mind

  2. Thanks for this excellent link, Mike! I first downloaded Simone Aliprandi, which is mellower than what I normally listen to, but very well done. Next I heard the Doctors of Philosophy do the Dissertation Blues, a song I can relate to doubly, first because of the excellent harp riffs—my instrument—and second, because it took me from 1974 to 1980 to finish my thesis work!

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