Free Software Helping Your Community

So, we all talk quite a bit about the ethics of Free Software.  We talk about its practical benefits, its social benefits, its economic benefits, and its ethical benefits.  Let me ask you, when’s the last time you went out and actually tried to help someone use it locally?  Yeah, I know that we’ve got millions of Free Software users around the world, etc, etc.  Are you helping locally as well?  Those folks who are bringing Edubuntu to their local schools, and those French folks who’re bringing Kubuntu to their Parlaiment, they’re role models for us.  They’re doing something not only by developing, but by working with people to help society tap into the benefits that are there.
I’m not talking about advocacy here, either.  I’m talking about getting out of your home and office and going to help someone set up and use Free Software… today.  Your local library, your local schools, your local government, the freakin’ boy scouts.  If we really believe in social benefit and helping our neighbors, then let’s go out and help our neighbors.  Let’s run for local office, let’s make dynamic web sites for libraries, let’s set up Edubuntu labs in schools.  And let’s share our work with others.

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