Free Software in Action: The Kubuntu Kid!

Okay, so this post isn’t entirely Free Software related, but it certainly has quite a bit of Free Software involved. First, now has a photo gallery where I’m going to put my photos. Yay. I’m using coppermine for the gallery because it’s simple to install, simple to manage, and it’s Free Software. You can learn more about CopperMine photo gallery here:
Now, the Kubuntu kid! So I’m sure many of you know that I recently switched to Ubuntu’s GNOME to make the most of the fantastic support that System76 offers and to get some of the neat features that Ubuntu’s GNOME has to offer. But there’s still plenty of love for Kubuntu. Kubuntu is led by the best of the best, John Riddell, and it’s got some of the best developers in all of Free Software working on it.
It’s with that love and respect for Kubuntu in mind that I proudly present to you my son, the Kubuntu Kid.

Kubuntu Kid

This photo and more are available at

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