The 2015 CPAN Pull Request Challenge!

I saw on my Perl Weekly newsletter today that there’s a new challenge started by Neil Bowers to try to help people working more on the various CPAN modules which need work. This seems like a neat idea, and the gist of the challenge is simple:

  • Every month you are assigned a new module to make a pull request for
    • You get a branch
    • You won’t get any of your own modules
    • You won’t get the same author twice
    • You can request a namespace to work in
    • You get the Github repo in which the module lives
  • Every month you promise to make at least one pull request to that module, whether it be:
    • Bug fixes
    • Documentation
    • Tests
    • New features
  • If you don’t like the module you got, you may request different one

Neil is also encouraging folks to blog about this while they’re doing it, and so I am. I’ll keep you all up-to-date as to what I’m working on for this challenge.

For more information, you should probably refer Neil Bowers’ post about the 2015 CPAN Pull Request Challenge.

Currently, I’m still also doing work on Net::AMQP::RabbitMQ, mostly focusing on some interesting things I found in the C library it is binding to.

I’m excited to receive my first assignment, however, which I believe should be arriving at some point today (2015-01-05).

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