Microsoft GPL's Vista!

In a shocking turn of events, Microsoft has decided to release its new operating system as Free Software under the GNU General Public License!
When asked for comments, CEO Steve Ballmer merely shouted “free hackers, free hackers, free hackers, free hackers,” and finished up with his trademark squeal. There is a remix of the famous “developers, developers, developers, developers” song from YouTube already in the works.
When MIT headquarters for the Free Software Foundation were sought for comment there were nothing but tears of joy as the battle is finally over.

(Yep. It’s not very good, but April fools anyway.)

You'll Be Freeeee Hackers

So I’m having fun with this horrifying multimedia extravaganza. If any of you know who Richard Stallman is–who doesn’t?–you know that he will not be the next American Idol (and I don’t think it would particularly bother him).
Well, he has recorded a song about freedom in software and how it benefits hackers, and society in general. The GNU project is actually hosting a copy of this song on their site, and I thought you all might enjoy it if you hadn’t heard it yet.
Here’s the link.

Win-dows Three-Eigh-ty-Six

Now I know you all are now asking yourselves “why the hell would manchicken hyphenate the title at the syllable?” Well, once you see this video you will–like me–be hyphenating everything at the syllable. So here’s a teaser about the video…
This is a Microsoft commercial, obviously from the ’80s, about Windows 386. What I find scary is that I think much of that code still lives and breathes in modern Windows. Scary? I think so. Either way, take a look and watch to see what it evidently took in the ’80s to convince someone to forego their freedom and their money in order to obtain software.
Sorry folks, but this does require flash 7 or greater, or some interesting tricks to convert it to an avi or other viewable codec. Go here to learn of such tricks.
Watch it fast before Microsoft sues for IP infringement.
See? It makes you want to dye only portions of your hair and start listening to Flock of Seagulls. Eh? Eh? Aren’t you glad you use Free Software?