More Doggie Photos!

Okay, so Penguin has been growing on me and my wife for some time. She’s been doing well in training, and she’s been learning how to behave in the house. She gets to spend the night out of her crate, and we’re beginning to trust her more around the house. We’re very happy.
I just wanted to share that we do have more doggie photos on the Penguin page of this blog. Or if you’re lazy–like me–you can just click here.

manchicken becomes a dog nut…

Okay, so my wife and I just adopted a gorgeous little doggie from the Shampoo-Banana Humane society. She’s a pit-mix and about 6 months old. She’s very playful, and best of all, her name is “Penguin.”
You heard that correctly. manchicken is getting a dog named Penguin. Oh HELL yeah. Here’s the photo that the Humane Society put up of her. It’s not the greatest, but once she gets home on Tuesday and I get home from New York on Thursday I’ll have some more photos for y’all.
Penguin from the Humane Society