A Very Delicious Thing: Petha

Petha pieces
Petha pieces

One of the nice things about working where I work is that I am in an environment which is very different culturally from the culture in which I grew up. My favorite aspect of this is the food and the holidays… but mostly the food. In all of my ethnic experiences I’ve only found a small handful of ethnic foods I didn’t like, but I have found many I do like, and that’s what I’m writing about now.
When people come back from vacation it is somewhat customary for them to bring sweets to share with people around the office, and my buddy Pavan did that today. Today he brought Petha, which is now my new favorite thing. It’s crunchy, it’s gooey inside, and it is just a tiny bit savory. This is everything that all good sweets should aspire to be. I’m having a hard time accurately describing it, so I’m going to fall back to bullet points:

  • The pieces are white, semi-opaque, somewhat smaller than 1″ cube-like shapes.
  • It looks and feels – at first – like the dehydrated candied pineapple that I grew up with (and love).
  • Inside it’s got a goo which at first reminds me of “Gushers” fruit snacks as far as consistency, and it’s very sweet and complex in flavor.
  • The goo is kinda savory, but also kinda reminds me of bean paste that you see in a lot of Chinese sweets, and honey
  • They’re crunchy, kinda like baklava

According to Wikipedia, the candy is made of ash gourd, which makes it count as a vegetable serving, right? I encourage you to find and eat this, a very delicious thing.
Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petha
Image credit: http://cdn4.vtourist.com/4/2491523-Petha_Pumpkin_Sweet_Agra.jpg