My Dad and Habitat for Humanity

Grandpa Mike Stemles Glam-Shot.
Grandpa Mike Stemle's Glam-Shot.

Volunteer position at Habitat site: General, whatever is needed. Name it and I have most likely done it at least once, except for roofs. I have hammered everything that can be hammered, have painted things the needed (and some that didn’t need) painting, I have laid out walls, installed siding, installed kitchen cabinets, put up drywall, etc. I am the 2009 Vice President of the Board of Directors.
How long have you been working with Habitat? Since 1998. First house that I remember was on Neil and that family has done so well they added on to the house.
What’s your favorite part of working with Habitat? Being on the build site, helping others on the build learn that it is OK to not be able to hit a nail with every swing and that it is OK not to know the proper names for building components.
Previous or current profession: Software Development Manager
First job/weirdest job: 2nd class welder at a shipyard, setup lighting and sound systems for rock concerts.
Hobbies: Software, painting, just did a frog mural in my grandson’s nursery.
My friends describe me as: Crazy. Always has something to say. Willing to help.
What is the most memorable experience you’ve had with Habitat? Having the children of one of our families bringing a cup of water on a hot day and thanking me for building them a home. Watching the houses on the other three corners of a house that we were building get improved (an abandoned house became a clean grassy lot, another got new siding and another got new siding and a roof).
Favorite memory of working with Habitat: Having my children helping on a build site and mailing a donation “Thank you Card” to my son.