Re-factoring Your Old Projects

Once upon a time I maintained a very small, lightweight framework to allow for Perl interfaces to be integrated with directly from client-side JavaScript. I called this framework ModExec. This framework took into account the various security implications which I’m sure are already sounding the klaxons in your brain. I even managed to get this framework into a state where I was proud enough to present it to the Perl Special Interest Group in Lisle, IL in 2006. Man, those were the days… and that was 7 years ago.
Nowadays my long-forgotten framework has been collecting dust, and I’m starting to polish it off again. I think I might even send it over to CPAN. I’m not going to address the “why bother” or the “there are already a bunch of frameworks that do this,” because ModExec is kind of it’s own thing insomuch as it isn’t intended to be a web service. Sure, it does provide integration for client-side stuff using web services, but at heart ModExec is meant to be an integration layer.
I will be chronicling my efforts to revive this old favorite project of mine over the coming weeks here. I may put together something I can present on about re-factoring old code for new glory.
My ModExec repository can be found here, if you want to follow along:

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